Monday, 15 August 2016

En Route: Marrakech + (What's In My Bag)

Next summer I'm going to be a year into college...
That's insane. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

En Route: California

Earlier this year, our psychology class made a little trip to California. Considering it was my 2nd time in America and my first time in the cities I've wanted to see for so long, it was incredibly significant and will be a holiday I will always treasure. On said trip I got to see places I've read about or seen in films and seeing it all come to life was surreal and some of the conversations I stumbled upon made an impact on me and it would not make much sense for me to not document such experiences. So here I am talking about all of those conversations, places and people.

End of an Era? Eh.

It's been about 4 weeks since my last exam and let's just say things don't feel different just yet. This was my last year of high school so I'm officially out of one system and headed right into another. The whole visas/residential aspect of my university application has been a hassle to say the least and, for somebody with a huge thing for planning everything in advance, the uncertainty of the next month or so has been draining my summer. Which is my doing, so I can't sit here and blame the situation, but oh well, it has been suckish regardless.

I tried to write this exact post right about 3 weeks ago, but evidently that didn't quite work. In that one, however, I was considerably more reflective, probably because I was still in the process of goodbyes. And now, basically everybody I know (knew?) is out of the country and I'm in work everyday of the week, so I'm a little out of the "reflective" and into the "slightly empty" mind frame. I've been on a creative block. I'm calling it a creative block but I've just been far too distracted by my own head to do anything. And I guess now that the novelty of the 'end of the era' is wearing off, I'm just eh. Indifferent? I'm not even bored because I'm constantly mentally preoccupied, I'm just not producing what I say I want to be producing during the year when the workload takes obligatory priority. And that's just always the case isn't it? You've got piles and piles of work = you want to do everything but work. You've got nothing to do but exist = don't feel like doing anything.

Well this is drier and more depressing than I intended this 'End of an Era' thing to be. Let's escape this mental state pronto

Okay, I'm out of it.

Let's not talk about the end of the era. Or this 'new chapter'. This isn't the right vibe for that. Instead let's talk about other things.

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