Friday, 12 April 2013

♡Fashion Icon♡ - Marina & the Diamonds



A huge musical and aesthetic inspiration to me is Marina Diamandis (aka Marina & the Diamonds). In addition to her brilliant music style, her fashion sense and visual techniques of her music videos just pique my interest and love for vintage and pin-up/rockabilly overall look.

Her unique attire's usually described as "vintage, cartoon and cheerleader", especially in her music video "Hollywood" where she's ironically depicting the "American Dream" as a complete joke.
Diamandis also mentioned that she sometimes makes her own outfits with clothes she buys from charity shops. Ahh. See this frustrates me because I have all this creative and artistic motivation to make my own clothes out of thrift shop clothes but guess what, I can't! You want to know why? Because there are no thrift shops where I live. None. Nada. 0. Nope. So the only alternative I have are overpriced clothes that you can't just wing it and redecorate!

I first discovered my love for pin-up themes when I watched P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" video, where she sported the traditional Rosie the Riveter costume and I remembered the various things I've read about the persona and the era of Rosie, so wahey, I did my research and I loved it!

Some of my favorite pinup dresses from Tiger Milly

For some reason I love anchors and the traditional sailor colors. Wow. 
I am strange.

Back to Marina. She was usually seen wearing clothes by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Laura Mackness, Beyond Retro, Motel Rocks and Jervoise Jackets. I especially lovelovelove Jervoise! Their items look simple yet gorgeous! Their color spectrum pretty much summarizes the items of clothing I have in my own closet! It upsets me that they dont have a branch here, but hey, I can enjoy from afar!

Winter '13/'14 Collection = All the stars!

The grunge feel to all their outfits, the morbid stories I get in my head of where this girl has been and where she's heading makes wearing the overall attire a lot more..real? 

I'd gladly and quite instinctively write a story about each of those different outfits because in my head this style and type of clothing relates to everything I love about pop culture, mainly vintage pop culture of the 50s-90s.

The aesthetics convey stories and that's what makes them different and special to me. 

(I'm not insane)

Ahh I have so much to share! Maybe I'll make a part 2. Wahey!

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