Sunday, 14 April 2013

Libraries Make Me Happy

Today was my first day back after spring break, and guess what? I already want to shoot myself in the throat. Damn, school! You never fail to disappoint!

I was quite excited to check out some books I found out about from the lovely world of the inter webs from our school library, but guess what? They didn't have any! I can almost hear the round of applause and the whistles of enjoyment, they're just a little drowned by the screaming of my book-hungry soul. 

Although I did manage to get 2 books; Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo which I borrowed from Jonathan and Ghost Children by Sue Townsend which - to my surprise - I found at our library! Who would've known?

Speaking of all this book stuffs, I've recently fixed up my little bookshelf on my desk and it's got a collection that I'm sort of proud of at the moment, aside from the missing books that I've read yet haven't got around to getting my own copies of. Which is unfortunate because I feel like most books that I do have on display only represent a small portion of my life, in addition to be the portion of my life when I was quite young, so it's quite distant from what my interests have slowly developed to become, yet somehow, still very interlinked? If that makes any sense.

I mean, the books I used to read as a younger elementary student consisted of Jacqueline Wilson, a few Jean Ure books and small attempts at understanding the gibberish of Shakespeare. But gradually, despite my shift of interests, I still find the characteristics I carry from my experiences with certain books. Jean Ure books were always about a chaotic or trouble seeking teenage girl that was either unbelievably sassy or just confused and stubborn therefore refusing anyone to accuse her of being wrong. And now, I'm reading things like The Virgin Suicides, whose main characters are teenage individuals who acquire similar personality traits except, they're more mature.

So I'm hoping that by the time I've collated all my favorite books, I'd have a shelf of transition. A timeline book shelf.

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