Sunday, 21 April 2013

Rookie (40 Days)

Okay. I can't believe it. I've got 40 days, 1 hour, 53 minutes, 20 seconds and counting to the summer holiday. Finally.

So, in preparation for the summer I ordered this beauty for 17 dollars and I am just unbelievably excited (I don't understand how I'm still coherent. How is that even possible?) I'm an avid reader of Rookie but since I haven't been on the bandwagon of the whole Tavi Gevinson thing since the start, reading through the book - which is basically a collection of the best articles in addition to other wonderful stuffs - is not a waste! I am going to breakdown when it arrives. That's how much of a fangirl I am.

I compiled a list in my journal of all the movies/tv shows/books I want to spend the summer holiday watching/reading. It's basically a collection of neo-noir films, 80s & 90s tv shows I don't have the time to watch throughout the year and wow tons of books of all kinds.

Speaking of books, I borrowed Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" from the school library today and I am unbelievably excited about starting it. Sylvia Plath as a person has an unbelievably fascinating story (I don't really know wether fascinating or morbid is the right word, but I'll go with fascinating).

Ahhh..I've scanned in some of my lists so I might post them here later because when I make a commitment with the internet, it sort of pressures me to stick to it and that helps! So I am making a commitment to you; possibly non-existent reader.

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