Tuesday, 21 May 2013

• 2:00 am Musings •

Today at school, a strange question popped into my mind as I watched my classmates. 

Everybody clearly looked ecstatic to be awake at that time of day and obliged to take in some information about volcanoes or whatever. In fear of forgetting the unexpected and odd thought - for some reason - I scrawled it down on the back of my notebook:

"Do people in TV shows from the 60s - 90s see colors differently?"

School was definitely not fascinating or a place where I can ponder on how intriguing little details are - I sort of realized that by now - but tv shows and their vintage feel have given me unrealistic expectations for high school. And life! 

And I don't just mean the actual experience, I mean..everything looks intriguing on those shows. The dim lighting with the slight orange tint; the way nothing was ever fully illuminated and super HD.

I love it.

This may border on sounding a little ridiculous and ignorant at the same time, but I just can't help feeling some sort of attachment and obsession - if you will - with the entire atmosphere depicted on those shows. 

It's like magic. My life should take notes.

To be honest, I'm still unsure as to what the conclusive message of this post is, but I thought keeping something I wrote at 2:26 in the morning would definitely be worth reading in the morning.

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