Saturday, 11 May 2013

♡Fashion Icon♡ - Harry Styles

Yes, he's from a boy band and yes he's part of the "Not Cool" category according to most pop culture fanatics (which is bullshit by the way :D) but you all have to admit, he knows how to dress and wether it's his or his dozen stylists' fashion sense, it's worth mentioning! My first fashion icon post was about Marina Diamandis and since I really have fun gathering different interesting and customizable clothing items, I thought I'd go ahead and actually make this post.

Warning: This is 99% T-Shirts. I'm sorry but that is pretty much my favorite part of Harry's usual clothing choices. Especially because they're mainly band shirts & I'd kill to get his iTunes library, s o . . 

*Plays The Cribs to get some hipster Harry vibes*

Now we may begin.

1. Comme des Garçons Logo Shirt
Get it: HERE
I absolutely love Comme des Garçons, it's a shame they don't have them here (and that most of their clothes cost more than my house?????? *exaggeration is key*)

You can find other versions of this t-shirt on the "Get It Here" link but my favorite alternative design would be this sweater, especially very correctly matched with the shirt underneath. Definitely something I'd wear.

2. The Famous Lover Shirt
Get it: HERE 
I think this shirt is lovely because it's simple. It could be worn by both guys and girls, so it's not excluding me *yay* and I think it adds a little flare when its sleeved are rolled up. 

(Look at me being all fashionista! I'm kidding, don't look at me, this is new to me okay. I'm trying. I cant be everything you want me to be for you.)

3. Farfetch Rabbit Shirt
Get it: HERE

This one's quite odd, but hey, odd is my thang. (I'm sorry for the secondhand embarrassment you're getting) It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. Thank you brain for relating a rabbit to another rabbit for absolutely no reason except for the fact that they're both rabbits. It's like me saying Harry Styles reminds me of Hannibal the Cannibal..because they're both humans! 

You can also get it in white (:

4. The Cribs
Get it: HERE

Harry likes The Cribs. I like The Cribs. I approve of Harry.

5. Harry Has a Thing for Hearts
Can't get it, but you can look at it and weep because you're not rich: HERE

Another one of Harry's shirts that I would totally buy and wear on a daily basis if I had the chance. It would be even better if it were in the form of one of those sleeveless sheer blouses. Yes. I like. Someone make it please and pay me 90% profit.

 6. More Approval from Me
Get (something similar to the Pink Floyd shirt) HERE 
The Rolling Stones shirt HERE

Why are you in a pop music playing boy-band. Why.
(Not that that's a problem. I'm anti-the-whole-"uncool"-music-shit)

7. Matching Shirt & Tie? Yes.
Get it: HERE (but there's no tie. where's the tie?? where's the tie???? dang it!!!!1)
Ah, I just love this! 

8. Blunt Message
Get it: HERE

(I'm still confused as to how to feel about this)

9. Harry's "It's too early and I don't understand why you're aiming your stupid camera at me" face. 
Oh and the All Saint's Lovesick T-Shirt too.

Find it: HERE

10. The Sonic Beanie that he wore that one time but I don't have a picture of. I'm sincerely sorry.

Get it: HERE

Now that Harry Styles is honored to be part of my wonderful blog, my life can proceed. I hope at least one of you found one of these items as lovely as I did. I might have very low standards, but I don't care, I'm proud and all that jazz (: