Thursday, 16 May 2013

Keeping Promises & Rooftop Nostalgia

I want to go home to
tangerine sunrise and blueberry skies
to pomegranate sunset

I want to go home to
sitting on the roof,
cold lemonade in tall glasses
as we talked about books
and the universe
and passion

I want to go home to
playing your mix tapes long through the night
and falling asleep,
with nothing but the constellations for a quilt
You said we'd go places
Whispered warm descriptions as I closed my eyes
to believe that this would one day be my reality

I'm sure you've forgotten that.
Along with the scarlet flower crown
and the fireflies
and the photographs
and the secrets

I want to go home to
but I know that by now
you have outgrown the confines of your imagination,
clung on to the stories
packed a bag of fresh dreams
and began searching for the words
to write the story you have always craved to say

After all,
You always kept your promises


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