Tuesday, 3 September 2013

♡Fashion Icon♡ - Grimes

Grimes (if you're not aware of who she is) is a Canadian artist, musician and music video director. According to critics, her music has been noted for its "atypical combination of vocal elements, as well as a wide array of influences" Her debut album was released on cassette which is pretty damn awesome! In April, she posted a written statement addressing her experience as a female musician in an industry rife with sexism and expressed disappointment that her feminist stance was often misinterpreted as anti-male. So all props to Grimes for being absolutely wonderful and honest.

Aside from all the reasons to love her, her obscure fashion adds to it all. I'm so excited ah okay.

To be honest, I actually couldn't concentrate on talking about her fashion and her hair because I wanted to just stop and talk about her thoughts and her ideas and her words and the way she looks at things, at least from what I can gather - being someone who doesn't know her personally and more importantly isn't her. But after almost 'investigating' her personally, and seeing the "art student" persona in her whenever she spoke about her art or her music, it felt like it linked a lot to the whole high school thing, especially that I can picture myself in a community of people who think in a similar manner to her? She also put herself out there on tumblr (very similar to Marina with Electra Heart) and became one of those types of celebrities too. So that's interesting!

But yeah, why not celebrate her fashion sense in addition to her mind?

I was watching an interview with her and she said that she doesn't really know what to say when people ask her about her fashion because it's something she doesn't really think through but that's something she's widely known for. And she said she doesn't wear buttons and zippers because she doesn't like the sense of confinement, everything has to be elastic. 

Her approach to fashion is so obscure and unexpected and I guess the shock factor excites people or something? I mean I don't think her style is surprising because there's a lot of obscure nowadays but I can tell when it's different and when it's different in a good way. And Grimes is the good obscure, the obscure that looks artistic. 

And sometimes, she just looks like an art student - like I said before! I just can't help not seeing that similarity every time I see her in a band t-shirt or a cargo jacket. It's almost like looking through the /tagged/soft-grunge on tumblr. The odd hair, the "indie" feel (I've been trying to avoid that word but for lack of better alternatives...ooh wait, 'alternative'! There we go!)

The way she layers things like jackets, huge over top things that I have no name for, t-shirts and plaid resembles the casual 90s fashion and can even be prominent in most tv shows of the time about high school students like Freaks and Geeks, MSCL and Daria! Especially with the whole cynical attitude and the evasions of the norm.

The picture on the left reminds me of the stereotypical photo with a couple thousand notes and a caption like "follow for more grunge" While the one on the left reminds me of a photo off Rookie Yearbook One that was like a bunch of ironic yearbook photos with catchphrases like "Most likely to succeed" beneath this photo. So I feel like she doesn't really try with fashion, it's just her personality showing through it? 

Something Grimes is equally if not more notable for would be her crazy hair; and by crazy I mean the weirdest hairline, fringe and colors and by weird I mean I still love it.

Opposite colors complement each other making it look almost mesmerizing. 

Her pastel 'grunge' hair is pretty much the usual lately.

 I feel like this entire post has been me trying to adapt her fashion to her thought process that she'd displayed in interviews or through her lyrics, because despite her music being something perfect to zone out to because you can't really distinguish the words unless you know them, it's exciting. It's almost coded?