Monday, 2 September 2013

✿ Records & High School Years ✿

When I was thinking of what to write for my first themed post, I couldn't get my mind off Ghost World. My favorite part was always when Enid gets one of those old blues records off Seymour and plays it when she gets home. When the first few seconds of the song begin (the song is Skip James's 'Devil Got My Woman') she's just stunned and speechless. She pauses and just listens.

And that feeling was one I knew too well because I just got how intimate a song could be to someone regardless if you've listened to it various times or its presence in a memorable situation. The song could be the memorable situation. 

You just have to listen. You can't move or breathe or think because you're afraid it'll disturb everything; it'll distract you from some little thing you just can't miss. This type of music can create bonds - in fact this type of anything; could be a book or a poem or a movie that just holds some sort of meaning in your eyes. It doesn't even have to be a meaning, it could just be a vibe that it carried to you. A feeling you think you have never felt before. 

So when someone else is drawn to it in the same way or to the same extent as you are, a link is created between you wether you've known each other for years or a mere few seconds. And that's wonderful. There's nothing more magical than that phenomena. It changes your thoughts, it changes your outlook, it changes you in the smallest (or even largest ways), but these type of things have been very important to me throughout the course of my school years. No matter what age I was, every once in a while I would find something that actually moved me. Not in the ridiculously overused sense of the word, but the genuine one that I'm sure many if not all people have experienced.

One of those moments and perhaps the most prominent one has got to be one I've already shared here and that would be the book, Perks of Being a Wallflower and that sounds like what every other adolescent girl would say and I couldn't care less if that's what every other adolescent girl would say. I'm saying it and I mean it. I don't know to what extent it's meant to these people who have raved about the book after the movie was released. um. But I know about me, and therefore I couldn't care less about the others. The book itself has been incredibly important to me since the very first time I read it and differently every time I reread it and it's such an intriguing experience? It's almost motivating and magnificent at the same time. Has a fascinating impact and an almost self-help impact to it too. 

And I think that book particularly has given me a different outlook on high school. Last year when I read it, I felt differently to the way I felt about it this summer. This summer, it pushed me. It made me aspire for those beautiful moments that seem so unattainable and 'only in the movies', because why not. It's ridiculous to think there's no such things as friends so close you feel like you are both parts of one being. Ridiculous to think that there's no such things as imperfect nights where you do nothing but drive endlessly and feel so damn perfect at the same time, like nothing could be better, like nothing can change this feeling of infinite power that could never ever run out. If that was impossible, that would be  depressing and almost meaningless. And that's not the case. 

It's nice. It just is.

(PS. Might as well link every post I ever write to Perks, it always comes back to my head.)

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