Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rodarte || 2013

I usually enjoy curating and keeping tracks of all sorts of my interests here and there and despite me intending on theming my blog for the month, I have realized that high school pretty much means anything I'm interested in right now because I'm going to be a sophomore in a few days! But fashion is one of those things that I'd like to watch change and evolve and so I thought I'd get back  into Rodarte's collections and decided to give their latest season's fashion a look after a few months of complete obliviousness? Their color scheme's very quiet and makes me think of the conspicuously dark and mysterious; definitely inspired by gothic fashion that's basically a revolution against the colorfulness of the 1970s disco era. Despite the black and beige, the subtle reds and roses add some sort of femininity to it? Making it illusively seem less dark while actually making it mischievously mysterious.

Personally, I enjoyed the SS collection a whole lot more because of it's interesting patterns and the wonderful colors chosen. This dress (thing?) was also in a very pretty turquoise/black which - in comparison to this pastel pink/beige gave it a different feel; instead of the classy and gentle feel of this one, the other felt a lot more edgy, mainly because of the color combination and the slight changes in the design.

Overall, I think 2013's collections were gorgeous.

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