I had been planning to theme my blog for the duration of the summer and had lots of topics planned and mini mood boards curated but unfortunately, I had barely any wifi throughout the summer and despite that, I tried to post about Dorian Gray whenever I was somewhere with decent connection. But because I don't want the ideas to go to waste, I think I'm going to do it now.

Since today is the first of September, and I start school in 8 days, this month's theme will be:


//High School TV Shows/Movies//

Dazed & Confused
Ghost World
Freaks & Geeks
My So-Called Life
Twin Peaks
The Virgin Suicides
Easy A
10 Things I Hate About You
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Charlie Bartlett
The Wonder Years
Heavenly Creatures
River's Edge

I've also curated a little venn diagram of the color scheme according to school colors of all the little things that connect to high school in my head including just everything from Jordan Catalano's song "Red", convertibles, cheerleaders, Lindsay Weir, Angela Chase and Grease. Ah.. this is going to be a wonderful month. 

(Here's the venn diagram, but um..I couldn't use a scanner, so it's not clear)

So, September's going to be exciting!