Wednesday, 4 September 2013

★ One Direction's This Is Us ★


I don't think I can formulate my thoughts well enough to write this post and this is just a boy band ugh. Okay, well it's c l e a r l y not 'just' a boy band to me so I shall put all the prejudices - that I've never cared about in the first place - of liking boy bands to the side and just enjoy the fact that this bunch of boys that I don't even know personally do make me happy. Regardless of how silly the whole One Direction thing is to everyone, it does make up this bit of my interests as a whole and they do infact quite simply make me happy, and after watching This Is Us today, I was happy. And to me that's all that matters.

The movie was ridiculous in the sense that it just got me so overwhelmed sometimes and almost played with my emotions. I am aware of the whole Management desires people's empathy and sympathy and emotions when it comes to selling a product because that's what this business is all about, but it was honest, to me. They were genuine and they always have been. I've watched their journey since they auditioned for the X-Factor 3 years ago, and the fact that I don't even live in the UK but in the Middle East and the fact that X-Factor isn't even on TV here, makes it funny to me. Because I just spontaneously thought I'd watch it online this one time and I came across these boys. And I was just sort of into it. I loved the Video Diaries, how sincere they were and mostly just how happy they were with how things turned out, how happy they were being together. And those good vibes are contagious. Because regardless of the value of whatever you watch or listen to or read, the way it makes you feel during and afterwards is what matters, I suppose? 

The main thing I love about them is how they're such jokers and they're just being their funny selves around each other and on camera and that just makes me want to watch their stuff all the time because ah just lotsofgoodvibesokay.

The boys are known for the best dancing skills ever.

Harry being an annoying little shit and refusing to pose properly. Ah he's lovely.

This wonderful sunshine sweeping the bakery used to work here before he joined One Direction and he mentioned how lovely it is to just be back here with the old ladies he used to bake with who know who he really is and he just seemed so happy to be back there, back in his hometown where everyone knew him as just Harry, not famous, not rich just the funny, charming Harry they've always known. And it was wonderful to see - not just with Harry, with all the boys - the fact that you'll always find your way back home and you're always just grateful to be back. It's a wonderful concept...

Another bit of the movie that got me really emotional was Zayn buying his mum a house to show her just how grateful he was for everything she's done for him and the fact that he's always said that to her and she might've taken it lightheartedly, not expecting things to actually work out the way they did and as fast and unexpectedly as they did. So it's wonderful and it made me so happy that he has always wanted to draw and paint on his walls but he never could in his old house, but since this was his house, he could do that and dedicated an entire room just for his art. This bit especially got to me because I know how it feels to want to paint everywhere around your room. To draw on every little inch of the walls and to just SPRAYPAINTEVERYTHINGOHMYGOSH so it made me really happy to see him find somewhere to do that and to see just how talented he is in and behind the whole hype!

I was going insane when I heard the first notes of the song but when it was in such great quality (duh, it's their movie ah sigh) and it was so artistically modified, like the guys would often change into these graphically designed drawings that made them look like super heroes AH I CAN'T EXPLAIN, I'LL JUST SHOW YOU OKAY.

Ah but there were many parts in the movie that made me just full on wish they weren't famous, because they couldn't do anything freely - and regardless of wether you think fame is the hugest perk possible and that they can't complain about not being able to do mundane things - it's still restricting and it can drive you crazy if you can't do anything casual. You can't walk around the shops. You can't go grocery shopping in peace. Every single one of your, your friends' and your family's moves is being watched all the time. It's insane! 

I loved that the movie wasn't glamorizing their lifestyle, it was real. They were tired and it wasn't all fun and games and despite the ridiculous amount of fun they have and the huge list of pros about the whole being famous thing, at the end of the day, it's still their job and it was see the amount of pressure that was put on their shoulders on a daily basis. The fact that they barely get to see their families and the way their families feel like there's something missing all the time. The way Liam's dad spoke of how nobody realizes that the mums aren't the only ones who get terribly upset, the dads feel like that too. And at the end he said that Liam was gone. And it's heartbreaking...

I can't stop that little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me "this is what show bizz is all about" but these feelings are real. I'm surprised and grateful they haven't broken under the pressure... Because I look around and all I can see are the majority of child stars ending up in such horrible positions because of the amount of pressure placed on them on a daily basis, but I guess the way they're avoiding that breakdown is the fact that they're a group, not an individual, which means they keep each other sane and they support each other when one's feeling low...and that always helps, I suppose, especially when their fast paced lifestyle can get physically and mentally tiring.

Harry, in the movie, also said that he hated being referred to as the "famous guy" instead of "the nice guy" or "the funny guy" and that made me so upset, because I haven't ever referred to him as the famous guy, and I'm sure many people (fans and otherwise) don't think of him as the famous guy. When you get to such a personal level with certain icons in the media or just generally the "fame" business, you know who they really are to some extent. It's not hard to identify people's personas after seeing them on multiple occasions and I think Harry was talking about the fact that they don't get to just talk to the fans, they don't get to just talk to the people watching them on TV or reading some ridiculous (and fake) rumored headline about them and those people are left with the false image of them. I can understand why that's difficult and frustrating because people may go ahead and criticize you and sometimes just carry a false image of you; without knowing the smallest thing about who you truly are or what you're truly like.

Their fans on the other hand are so varied because they're such an enormous fan-base. There are people who see nothing in them but the pretty faces and I suppose that's alright but that gives off such a horrible image about fan-bases of this particular genre, making the genre itself seem so...vapid? And this takes me back to the discussion of "real music" which just pains me to even discuss anymore because it's so stupid. There's no such thing as real music, there's music that affects you on a personal level and there's music that doesn't speak to you at all. But this is all about you. Just you. Your music tastes don't apply to everyone ever in the entire community of humanity of the world. So, to be honest, there shouldn't be labels on pop culture based on the fan-base because:

  • An artist shouldn't be expected to take full responsibility for the actions or the behavior of their fan-base.
  • A fan-base as a whole should not be condemned to a single definition because of the select few that act immature or "crazy"
  • That particular select few should not be judged by reacting over-excitedly to something that makes them really happy. Who are you to comment or even give a shit if you're all too important for this kind of stuff.

I also saw a few posts on tumblr about the way we - as fans, co-creaters of this huge pandemonium and witnesses of the way One Direction blew up so ridiculously - would tell our future children about the boy band that was big in our time. So what Louis said really emphasized that, the fact that the way some people were witnessing the Beatles get super big, that's what we're doing. This is part of history because it's the pop culture of this generation.

So, I suppose this is all that I wanted to say about it as far as I can remember, therefore for now this is all :) I hope you all watched the movie (if you're interested, of course) and I'd love to know if you guys feel the same towards it as I do, because I'm done trying to talk about it all "ironically" because this isn't my "guilty pleasure". I enjoy it and I'm not embarrassed by it - never have been and never will be - because it makes me happy. I think I've said that about 20 times now, I'm sorry. 

G a h. Basically it was really awesome and wonderful and I'm really happy for the boys. I wish the stills were online already, because there are so many I wanted to add in. OH and I also got a picture with the boys' cutouts but I'm seriously in all dedication going to the mall tomorrow to shop and take a proper HD picture with cutouts :-) How splendid :-)

I think boy bands throughout the ages have always been the infatuation during the teenage years and I've never had a phase for boy bands when I was younger which wasn't weird, until I got into these guys. So it was quite interesting, and made me question wether this particular phase was something everyone went through and I'm not too sure about that.