Monday, 23 December 2013

♡ 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers ♡

by Sebastian Errazuriz 

This series of sculptures is meant to distill a dozen of the women Sebastian - a New York-based designer - has been involved with into high heels. Some people have commented about this project claiming it was "misogynistic" or that the shoes are reductionist to women as a whole, but I disagree with that for some reason. As far as I know, he hasn't actually mentioned the women by name therefore he's not breaching anybody's privacy. And since all art is autobiographical in some way, what's better than it actually being entirely autobiographical. 

I find the project to be absolutely fascinating and honest. Apparently, the ladies' reactions to his project were mixed. "Honey" was very touched and said she didn't know she had that impact on him; "Heart Breaker" wrote him an email to say she didn't know if she should feel embarrassed or honored but was finally very happy to have been included, although she threatened that if he ever revealed her real name she would kill him"

I feel like I would love to try my hand at something like this, to attempt to represent key people in my life in some form of 3D depiction.

"Honey" Natasha
"As soon as I recovered, I broke up. I couldn't get used to being treated so nicely."

"Cry Baby" Alexandra
I know this type. Ah.

"Gold Digger" Alison
"Alison worked as a journalist for a TV station. She was gorgeous, the camera lover her, apparently so did her boss"

"Heart Breaker" Laura

"Ice Queen" Sophie
"I finally earned my place and managed to warm her up, but she never melted for too long."

"Hot Bxtch" Caroline
"I could feel the disapproving stares of the women, but focused on the envy of the men."

"The Virgin" Anna

"Jet-setter" Jessica

"The Boss" Rachel
"It was like playing with a bomb you didn't know when it would burst."

"GI Jane" Barbara

"The Ghost" Valentina
"I saw her one day many years later. She looked older but as wild and beautiful as always. She grinned back at me while holding a tanned beautiful kid with the same crazy hair. I loved her a little."

"The Rock" Alice
"None of us knew it would be so much shorter. I loved her so much. Always will."

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