Saturday, 7 December 2013

★ Catching Fire ★

Two weeks ago, during Mock Week, I went to watch Catching Fire. In addition to the buzz of the fact that I was going to watch a movie late at night on a school and exam night, I was super excited to see how this one was going to be in comparison to the first one. I had read the trilogy so it wasn't a matter of being surprised by the plot-twists, but more of how the book was going to be interpreted, especially since it wasn't as true to the book as I would've liked in the first one. 

But I have to admit, I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact it was actually, absolutely brilliant. 


Okay, so what I really love about the Hunger Games is the fact that the hero is a female. Sure this might be the least exciting reason to love the trilogy, but it's a huge factor behind the reason I personally love it. It's nice to see somebody portray women for what they can be. I don't need an empowerment movement or whatever, I just want to see women in a diverse range of characters and positions of power.

What really gets to me sometimes though is how everybody finds a way to make it the next twilight when they ask "Team Peeta or Team Gale?"


How the hell is that the focus of the Hunger Games? Sure in Twilight, Bella's main conflict was "aw boohoo who do I love more?" but here, it's not about them. It's about Katniss. It's about how the sole reason she's in the Hunger Games is because she volunteered in her sister's place. It's about her family and how important they are to her. And even disregarding Katniss herself, the trilogy is about revolution. It's about the people vs. the power. It's about conflict and lies and the government and a g h. It frustrates me because it's not a goddamn love story. It's so much more. Both Katniss and the Hunger Games are multifaceted and complex and intricate and not twilight-esque.

But yeah, overall I loved the visuals of the movie and how well they portrayed the arena, the Mockingjay dress, the mist and the burns, just everything! I loved Johanna even though I was just as iffy as Katniss was about her during the elevator scene, but as I saw more of her and her "f**k the Capitol" attitude, I couldn't help but admit we have so much in common. 

It was a lot more of an engaging watch than I thought it would be and got me thinking from the moment I left the theatre till now because hey, I still felt the urge to write about it. I'd love to see what other people thought of the interpretation though, because it brought up so many more thoughts that weren't even directly about the Hunger Games, but political and social ideas and issues that we're all collectively turning a blind eye on. It all got pretty damn scary in my head because of it, but it was still an interesting experience and I would definitely recommend it.


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