Thursday, 29 May 2014

3 Months Later..

So I disappeared for a while.

Funny how my previous post was about time and how much of a mess it made of me. School has been on over drive over the past few months or so, with it being GCSE year and what not but at this point, since I only have 2 exams left in June (one at the beginning and the other conveniently 21 days later) I thought I should probably get back into writing and doing some art because I've been slacking on that b i g time. I currently have 5 complete posts chilling in my draft that I've written throughout the past couple of months but everytime I try to pick at them to make them better, I get discouraged and end up doing anything but -

Wow okay, wahey. I just got an email back from Ragged magazine's deputy editor saying that she was going to forward my email to the Editor-In-Chief. Well this is wonderful! There you have it, that's essentially what I've been doing since my exams have started: getting in contact with as many people as possible. I need incentive to write. Some sort of driving force or something because I have so much in my head but the ability to just type it up and publish without too much over thinking has been seriously lacking. I'm fighting it right now by trying to convince myself that an "update" post is still a valid post, at the end of the day this is my little chunk of internet, I can do whatever I like.

But yes! In the writing arena, this morning I woke up to two notifications from Teen Ink (an online and print magazine for teenagers, by teenagers) saying that my two movie reviews that I've posted here: this one & this one are in #1 and #2 on the main reviews page on the site for the day, being today's top voted. Let's just say I got really excited far too early in the morning.

Going back in time, a while ago I did a mini photo set for my iGCSE art course with a friend based on the theme of Fight Club. It was quite fun to be the one doing the makeup considering that's not quite my field of expertise (and that would be evident once you see the photos) but I was really really happy with it. 

During the magical process of me trying to create bruises with eyeshadow

 In addition to the "fight club-esque" photo set, I was working on a HUGE map of the USA where I plotted all the routes of road trips I wanted to go on the second I get my license and have just enough cash to get around. The concept behind the map before I even started plotting the routes was to mark all the places mentioned in Lana del Rey's music all the way back to her Elizabeth Grant days. I found so many locations and wrote them all down from the 7 Elevens to the stations to the restaurants and of course, Chateau Marmont.

After putting it all together, I lined the canvas with the titles of all of the songs I used and alternated colors to make it all super Americana. I didn't plan on using that for anything but for my art coursework I thought I could use it as a background for my objects/still life that I wanted to later draw. So I put this little one together, thinking it essentially summed up the American Dream/Reality. Somehow you can glamorize pills and lighters now more than ever and that's riveting. 

I'm only just realizing I did far too many photo stuff but whatever, let's hope they all go to my grade.

The last set I did was Lolita-inspired and in fact this comes with a funny story all of its own. For one of my final pieces I made this - which was inspired by the photo sets I was talking about:

And although I wasn't too happy with the way it turned out because I had been pressed for time and super stressed, I still liked the concept. But appaaarrreeenntttlly, the little piece of white fabric with the little red stain was seen to be quite inappropriate to be put on display. How awkward. And this could get me on to another enormous topic of why there is anyyyyyyyy stigma behind a bOdIly FuNcTiOn that is nEcESSaRy fOr thE HuMAn RaCe to PROcReAte :-) but I'm going to just pretend that subject doesn't exist for the time being. But yeah, found that to be quite amusing because it's embarrassing how "non-shock factor"-y it is in comparison to the fact that it was even worth pointing out l o l.

However r r r r r r r, quite happy about my other Year 11 piece being up on display because I worked ridiculously hard on it (by the way, it's supposed to say "We are lost" on the top hidden in the pink clouds but it's not that clear. I'm pointing it out even though ambiguity is what I was going for ??????????????

A n y w a y s aside from all the million art stuffs I've been up to, I haven't done much else. I read a couple of books that I haven't reviewed yet simply because I haven't had the time and I've bought tons of things for summer so I might haul them up or something, I don't know, not quite feeling that atm. BUT a lot has happened life-wise, aside from all the art stuff including 3 big events.

1. Orlando Trip
2. Prom
3. Well…I turned 16

1. There is no way I am adding a little Orlando bit in the middle of this update post because Orlando deserves a post all of its o w n. The trip to Orlando happened in October but it still feels so recent and it scares me in a while because this reminds me of the time post again. It doesn't feel that long ago but also, s o much has happened since then and so much has changed. 

Sometimes I wish I could go back and redo it and sometimes when I'm less greedy, I just wish I could be back there. But since I'm not going to get into it until I can phrase my feelings about Orlando, here's a super gorgeous selfie :-) (let's hope Robert doesn't see this or at least doesn't mind that he looks gross :-) xoxox) ((jk he's stunning obvss))

2. Prom is so overhyped guys, trust me.

Nonetheless, it was quite wonderful - we showed up in the classiest mean of transport possible (take a wild guess) and I had a purple and black dress which automatically means I was ecstatic to even be wearing it, who even cares about the event at that point. BUT I also got the most adorable picture taken with my darling, Abigail, and we should've honestly won cutest couple because look at us. 

ALSO OMG: I took a picture with the boys of our "super hip school band" which reminds me - we performed at the Museum of Islamic Arts Park at this thing called "Friday Night Live" and it was absolutely wonderful. I know knowing me I was probably pitchy a l  l l l l l l  l l   l over the place, but it was such a super lovely day altogether.
If you want to watch us then wahey, here you go!

↵ Use original player

3. You remember that one time I took a picture with cardboard cutouts of the One Direction boys outside the theatre to watch their movie and then blogged about it? Yes. That experience was more exciting than the day I turned 16 :-) I guess that's one thing I hyped up w a a a a y too much in my head :') I didn't end up disappointed and frankly my pre-16th birthday present was Orlando, so um not so much of an unexciting birthday there at a  l  l. But now that I'm 16, all I can think of is "oh my god 2 years till I'm 18"

Okay I just realized that I turned 16 like 6 months ago yet it's still here in this list of recent updates even though I've written twice since New Year's…..and Orlando was 7 months ago w h a t t h E H E L L.

I am so done tbh. I don't know time anymore. But it has been a good past couple of months or weeks or however long. Things have improved remarkably tbh over the recent few weeks and I'm happy with that.

Here you go. I overcame my post fear and I'm posting this even though NOBODY CARES :-D

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