Monday, 9 June 2014

Just Faces

I'm sitting in the airport because my dad's on his way back home and we're picking him up and it's 12:16 in the morning. Essentially, thank god for wifi. So many people here are waiting for their transit flights and the only reason I have the time to even consider writing something is because the flight got delayed by an hour. How pleasant.

But ah, being in places like airports comes with inevitable people-watching and that's always more exciting when the people are constantly moving, arriving somewhere brand new, leaving for good, coming back from holiday or going on holiday and everyone's mind sets are so so so different. This sort of sudden realization that all the faces around me have lives behind them is so strange because for some reason I don't assume them to? 

A couple walked past me and they were dressed like such hipsters it's ridiculous (and that's a good thing in case you haven't assumed that already) and sometimes what comes with this whole "faces without stories" thing is I end up envisioning the best possible reality for these characters. Sometimes the best reality is exciting and filled with so much drama I've managed to suck out of the tons of media I've consumed, I imagine their friendship or relationship dynamics, their personalities, the place they were in and the places they've been. It's almost ridiculous how carried away I get sometimes but there's no harm in that I suppose. 

It still disassociates me from the strangers because I've resorted to drawing conclusions about their lives that I forget that that's not actually reality. It's almost like live-storytelling really, not sure how else to put it. But I wish I could record those thoughts and alternate fictional lives more often, because they're the source of storytelling. Ideas come from just living and being around all these faces. You can't force those really raw ideas at your desk while you stare at an intimidating blinking line of a word document, in fact that blanking little shit scares them all away.

I don't know. This is all because of that seemingly interesting-looking couple :') god damn it, do I get carried away too much. That took me 17 minutes to spew out. I'm getting good at this whole spontaneous post-before-you-regret-it thing.

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