Sunday, 7 September 2014

Junior Year (And Other American Terms That Bother My British Friends)

For Rookie's first year online (and the first issue Yearbook One) Tavi wrote an 'editor's letter' all about beginnings for September and since the book (and the site) is designed to follow the school system, it's very refreshing to read through it as my actual time in school starts (and very quickly, will end) I thought I'd try this year to follow along with the themes of Rookie's Yearbook One and write something monthly for each one. And well, Beginnings seems highly appropriate considering today was my 'induction day' of junior year (and I'm going to repeatedly use the term 'junior year' because I go to a British school and they call it sixth form so it bothers them if I use any American terms. You're welcome.)

Hm. Beginnings. Today was essentially a "get-to-know-people-but-also-wORRYABOUTUNIVERSITYANDLIFE" kind of day, and I'd say it was a sudden change from slow summer vibes to sudden freak out sessions, but I had a week in advance of doing my own frantic university and "life" research, "life" being what I want to study for another 4 years of my life, and perhaps even more. But despite a l l l l l l of that, I still find it exciting because sometimes I forget about the fact that education is still a privilege that I've been lucky enough to get, especially an education of this standard and that makes me feel like I have some sort of purpose in life. 

I mean, I suppose I already know I have a purpose in life and it doesn't revolve around my grades or what unis will be blessed to have me on their campus (totally serious here), but it's still very very reassuring to have a systematic way of going about life. Late high school is essentially all about getting shit done and there is a lot less manic teacher control over every move you make, but I'm glad we're slowly eased out of the Everything Is Structured And Spoon-fed To You thing, because I would be in quite a shock if suddenly it was all just up to me to figure out. That would suck big time. And this is coming from me, someone who is all about being independent and doing things alone without interference or interruptions. It's still daunting, nonetheless. 

And that is why I've decided to embrace these little starters I'm borrowing from the lovely Rookie, to represent my own last years of structure and system in a series of 10 posts from September to June, entirely for my benefit because I'd like to focus on pinpointing the changes and development, and if I look back and think this post sounds ridiculously annoying, then it'll be something to celebrate because thank god, I would've changed.

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