Wednesday, 15 July 2015

☀ In My Suitcase & Carry-On ✈

I'm conforming to blogger protocol and sharing what I'm packing for my month-long summer vacation back home in Morocco. Essentially, what this means is I found a very valid excuse to take pretty pictures all day and pretend I'm a specialist, so let me have my moment thaaaaaank you.

I'll start with my carry-on

I'm going for a backpack for my carry-on since it's useless to go for something small or something pretty, it's all about functionality around here. More or less, I'm taking:

Make-up Bag - F21
Matching Brush - F21

Brush Set - Also from F21

ColorSensational Lipstick - Maybelline - Iced Caramel #625

Naked Basics Palette - Sephora

Maybelline BB Cream - I don't usually put anything on my face but for the occasion where I'd like to cover a little something, it's there for my rescue

Bourjois Lip Liner + Nyx Super Skinny Eyeliner

Nivea's Day Cream - thinking this would be pretty useful on the plane since everything dries and SHRIVELS up!

Laptop + Phone

Sketch Book + Color Pencils because I'm a little child

Sunglasses - Basically thrifted from some little shop in the middle of nowhere 
And a book - might take this one with me or just settle for the books I've got on my phone!

A n d in a little glimpse here are the important things I've packed 

(minus the underwear and PJs and a few bits and bobs because they didn't fit into my little arrangement and I got frustrated because aesthetics over undies #js)


All About Me - Refresher Kit by Victoria's Secret
The kit has this magical trio + a little comb + a little black towel

Love Spell - Fragrance Mist + Body Wash + Body Lotion
I thought in addition to that kit, I'll have another bag with all my other tiny necessities that I don't need to include all in here so here's a handy dandy list:

However, I h a v e to mention this shaving cream because it is literally heaven-sent.
It's finally (almost) impossible for me to leave the shower in pain!!!
Shaving Cream w/Shea Butter - Bath & Body Works
Venus Breeze Razor - Wherever

Bikinis - Top: Jennyfer /// Bottom: H&M

FAV Clothing Bits

I'm not a shorts gal, unfortunately (despite the heat!) so I opt and survive in denim
Girlfriend Jeans - Bershka
Light Wash High-Waisted - Bershka
Black High-Waisted - F21

These are my babies

One of those maxi dresses with a sheer top layer and a shorter underlayer #FashionExpertTerminology

Jumpers - this is looking like a winter packing post but lol this is me, dressing inappropriately since 1997
Someone invite me to fashion week, I'm a prodigy
Both H&M (Right: softest thing I've ever touched ever.)

Indie-looking cover-up - H&M

Cropped button-up - Mango

Halter top - H&M

Body Suit - H&M

Topstopstops - H&M, Thrifted and Top Shop

Gym gear reppin - Shorts (matching Sports Bra) F21 (i think!) - Shoes: Downshifter 6

F A V O R I T E item ever bought - oversized slightly distressed denim jacket - Stradivarius

Hair Bits

Hair Gear for Frizz Life
Sun, Swim & Gym Hydraspray and Protection Masque - Boots (perfect for summer, 9/10 would recommend)
Palmer's Spray Oil - Wherever (this saves curly hair tbh)
Elvive Instant Miracle Cream - Wherever - Legit, it's exactly what it's called.
Tresemmé's Heat Protectant "Styling" Spray - Wherever - Cant afford to burn the shit out of a short boy cut right now


This was pretty fun to make, to be completely honest, I totally get why all these fashion bloggers enjoy making these!
Happy Summmmmmer

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