Thursday, 31 December 2015

☺ Twenty Fifteen ☺

I have been absolutely awful with time management this year. I can admit to that for sure.

However, it has been crazy busy, which is totally my fault! The past year feels a little packed and blurry because of school years ending in June and starting in September so everything before summer feels like 2014??? But wow! It has been a ride. The whole purpose of this little place on the internet has always been to document where I am at different points in my life and in an attempt to sum up 2015 I went through my iPhoto and picked a few little bits of 'key events'.

This year I took part in my last MUN conference, attended my first concert (Ed Sheeran! Still buzzin about that tbh), did the color run (!), had a super healthy + fit summer in Morocco, aced my psych AS, resat my Bio AS, started my driving lessons, had a rad little surprise 18th birthday party at school (squad are the, took on being head of the charities committee, had a whole lot of chinese food (!!), been swim coaching little humans for a while, won battle of the bands w/the boys (and ended up on the paper), got a new baby (phone!!!!), drove around (and celebrated 18hood w/class) with my homegirl abigail lots and lots, toured doha (and also celebrated 18hood) with the homeskillet robert, applied to university and heard back, still waiting on my top choice but fingers are so crossed they may fall of, oH AND I CUT MY HAIR. A lot of it. A lot lot of it. And dyed it red. Again. (probably in the top 5 most satisfying things this year)

O v e r a l l,
This year has really been a lot of highs and lows and its end has been the start of my last year of high school ever. Which is rather exciting. This year has been a lot of university preparation, trying to get the grades while attempting to make the most of senior year. I havent been too good at balance since around September because the school week drains me to the point that I would rather just recharge over the weekend rather than do much but I have been trying and have done heaps but it all should be easier after Christmas break.

Procrastination has been the bane of my existence this Christmas break in terms of writing and making art and everything really. But I do feel like I deserved the break, especially after the most stressful term yet, in every aspect. 

I'm going out tonight to spend NYE with a bunch of friends which should be refreshing because usually I just hang around at home with the fam. Which is lovely. But you know, "make the best of senior year" mentality kicking in and why not.

I am beyond ridiculously excited for 2016 especially because I start it off, in February, with a trip to Los Angeles/San Fransisco for Psychology. Which is just the epitome of perfect timing. I'm hoping to truly accomplish everything I'd like to this year especially as I'm going to be moving somewhere c o m p l e t e l y new come July. Which still feels too unreal to think about. But all in its time. It's strange to think that I have 6 months left of the life that I've been living for almost 11 years now. It's very very exhilarating and I am more than ready to cherish change because over time everything naturally grows stagnant and stable, and this time in my life, that is rushing past to be frank, is just characterized by change and out with the old, in with the new and mistakes and learning and losing and gaining and moving, moving, moving. So to each time it's perks (and dips)

I will most definitely be writing more especially that university planning is basically out of the way. I've been thinking about getting back on the video platform as well because sometimes I want to get something across by chatting to a camera or with a little film and something music. So that's a solid plan of mine for this upcoming year.

Oh well, wow I'm proud of myself for getting around to writing this. Even though it's the 31st and it's been a draft since the 18th hahah

x x x

f e b r u a r y - m u n + r u n

m a r c h - e d  s h e e r a n

s u m m e r (+ my hair. i had to)

n o v e m b e r - e i g h t e e n

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