Friday, 8 July 2016

[Pull & Bear Haul]

As freshman year's coming up, I've been listing everything I plan on taking with me to this prospective destination. So naturally I've gone shopping. Since I was flying to LA earlier this year, I bought heaps of new stuff then (most of which, very appropriately, were sweaters) so I didn't really have much left but I saw these 4 little things and just had to.


The softest shirt I have ever touched in existence. Also I like to think this is my little memorabilia from Qatar as I would happily take the title of Cactus Cutie.

Pretty dope bomber jacket - I've always wanted a bomber jacket and this one's material's chill on another level. It's so comfy and fits so well which is pretty cool for a tiny person who always looks like they're wearing their dad's hand-me-downs when she attempts to wear something slightly bulky.

Okay I cheated. This bag's from Reserved but it's the only piece that wasn't from Pull & Bear so this one couldn't be bothered giving this too complicated of a title. Couldn't find this bad boy on the Reserved website but it's super super spacious (all my records fit in it!! and there's more space!!!), it's got that additional shoulder strap to make carrying all those damn records easier and it opens up even more and becomes one of those scrunchy-close-y type things. Basically, it's beautiful and I love it.

These platform-y black sandals are also not on the P&B website for some reason, but they're hella comfy (and unfortunately, looking them up on the website has meant that I found at least 3 more I want...shit.)

And, wahey, we're done.

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